Roof and Wall Cladding: Durable Exterior Protection for Buildings

Roof and wall cladding refer to the protective layers or materials installed on the exterior surfaces of buildings to shield them from the elements. These coverings, often made of metal, wood, vinyl, or other durable materials, provide insulation and enhance structural integrity. Roof and wall cladding not only enhance a building’s aesthetics but also play a vital role in maintaining energy efficiency and protecting against weather-related damage, making them essential components of modern construction practices.


We are one of the some well known suppliers of galvanized profile sheets in UAE. Our roof and wall cladding sheets are famous for what we commit we provide. We offer many thicknesses as per the requirement of customers. Galvanized sheets are used commonly for commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes earlier, it has currently become a widely used material for residential roofing projects. As a thin planar material, these metal sheets are suitable for use in various flat applications which include roofing, fencing, siding, partitioning and more.


Aluzinc Roofing Sheet is one of the most popular sheets among the building materials. Aluzinc is a flat carbon steel coated with an alloy comprising 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. It has the advantage of a long lifespan in many environments, especially in the construction sector. Aluzinc sheets are strong and durable, Aluzinc is suitable for use in highly-demanding environments such as roofs, flues and ventilation shafts. The metal is often used in the insulation and ventilation industries.


Aluminum sheets, also known as aluminum plates, are the result of basic raw-form aluminum being pressed and rolled into panel form under high pressure. They are installed in industrial buildings, like warehouses, because of their longevity and strength. While one other wide use of Aluminum profile sheet is in kitchen industries.


We are one of the leading suppliers of sandwich Panels in the UAE. Two metal sheets are used, and rigid foam is sandwiched in between to produce these panels. Sandwich panels are widely used as cladding materials both for roofs and walls. We offer a wide range of specifications for our sandwich panels. As far as the rigid foam is concerned, Polyurethane (PU) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) is used for insulation purposes. The use of these insulated materials not only makes them durable, but also an ideal choice for Middle East conditions. PIR sandwich panels have better fire-resisting properties than PU sandwich panels. The sheets used for sandwich panels are available in mill finish, pre-painted, and color-coated form.


We are highly acknowledged in the UAE market for delivering the best quality metal C & Z purlins. Our purlins are an ideal metal roofing product used for supporting roofing sheets or wall claddings. Considering the other materials, these purlins have been manufactured for easy installation and are light in weight. These cold-formed members are made up of galvanized steel. Zinc coating is applied for longevity and to protect the base metal from rust and corrosion. Also, they are available in multiple specification choices.


As roofing, nowadays has grand options to choose from so as the accessories are required with variety of stuff. These are the parts of a roof you can’t see is the internal structure, sometimes called a truss (an assembly of beams or other elements that create a rigid structure). This is the part that holds up the roof from inside the building. A flat roof is a complicated system comprising of trusses, supporting beams, underlayment, decking, and roofing material. A lot goes into keeping any commercial building standing strong against all weather elements. And we provide all that relevant accessories.


We provide single skin tile profiled roofing sheets with assorted color with vaious choices. We provide Aluminum, AluZinc AZ150, and Galvanized sheets as the base material in our tile profiles. This roofing profile is also known as ‘Garmit’ profile sheets in the local language. High-quality rolling machines are used for designing these sheets. These sheets are made with tile effects and for decorative purposes as well as roofing.


In this current modern era roofing has gone beyond imaginations. There are several styles and kinds of roofing from which this clay style roofing has been much popular nowadays. We provide a number of choices as per the color and shape of designs in this particular style of roofing.


Another roofing style is stone coated roofing. Granules stuff sheets give a rough view. While this type of roofing is one of our specialty. This is also available in a wide range of choices and colors. Stone coated roofing sheets give a vintage look to the building. This is available in multiple sizes.

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