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Gabions encompass a basket or container Product of wires either welded or woven collectively to shape a cuboidal shape. It is Generally packed with stones, sand or different material to form a rigid shape and stacked upon each different. Al Mandoos Groups Fence designs , manufactures & instals high best gabion answers for various Applications like civil engineering works, river schooling /scour safety, earth preserving systems, marine works, lining of canals & dams, architectural works, fortifications.

Al Mandoos Groups Gabions Systems are being supplied all over the United Arab Emirates.

Gabions include a basket or box fabricated from wires both welded or woven together to form a cuboidal shape. It is Generally packed with stones, sand or different fabric to form an inflexible shape and stacked upon each different.

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Why Install a Gabion Fence?

If you’re exploring innovative alternatives to traditional fencing, a gabion fence from Al Mandoos Groups could be the perfect solution for your landscape. These fences utilize mesh grids filled with materials like gravel, serving as robust pillars or posts. The actual fence material can vary, ranging from reclaimed wood to metal, or even more solid gabion walls.

Benefits of Gabion Fences:
  1. Sustainability: Use of reclaimed or natural materials for filling gabion structures.
  2. Fast Construction: Quick and relatively easy to install, depending on the fill material.
  3. Design Versatility: Numerous style options to complement any landscape design.
  4. Durability: Galvanized steel frames with gravel and rock fill ensure a strong structure.
  5. Flexibility: Suitable as both permanent and temporary structures, easily movable as needed.

Gabion fences are versatile, serving various purposes like delineating property boundaries, securing pets within a yard, or providing support for climbing plants.

Why Install a Gabion Wall?

Gabion walls, thicker and more solid than fences, consist of multiple wire mesh cages filled with materials like gravel or large river stones. These walls can be both decorative and functional.

Advantages of Gabion Walls:
  1. Permeability: Allow air circulation and water drainage while providing privacy.
  2. Erosion Control: Effective on terraces or slopes, offering a cost-effective erosion control solution.
  3. Eco-friendly: Constructed with reclaimed or sustainable materials.
  4. Privacy: Ideal for creating private spaces within gardens or patios.
  5. Strength: No need for a cement foundation; stability comes from a level base and heavy-duty fill materials.

Gabion walls offer flexibility in design, accommodating small or large structures to meet specific landscape needs.

Why Choose a Free-Standing Rock-Filled Wire Mesh Wall/Fence?

Gabion structures from Al Mandoos Groups provide exceptional versatility. These impermanent structures can be easily dismantled and reinstalled as your needs evolve. Despite their durability, gabion walls and fences can be transported and set up with relative ease.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gabion Walls and Fences
  1. Customizable: Highly customizable to create aesthetically pleasing structures that complement residential or commercial properties.
  2. Cost-Effective: Utilizing reclaimed materials can significantly reduce costs compared to traditional fencing and wall materials.
  1. Labor-Intensive: Constructing large gabion structures may require hiring a contractor or renting equipment for heavy lifting.
  2. Aesthetic Preferences: Not everyone finds gabion structures attractive, which could affect property resale value.
Are Gabion Walls/Fences Cost-Effective?

Absolutely. Gabion walls and fences are cost-effective, especially when using reclaimed materials. Their affordability is a key reason why many choose these structures for their properties.

For high-quality gabion wall and fence solutions, trust Al Mandoos Groups. Explore our wide selection of construction materials today and find the perfect fit for your landscape needs.